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New York's Annual Archifest

Open House New York Weekend
Google's headquarters in Chelsea New York 
Photo:  ForbesLife Web site (Courtesy of Google)
New York's five boroughs become an open architectural exhibition the weekend of October 17 - 18.  This is the annual Open House New York Weekend (OHNY) when visitors get an opportunity to enter some of the city's most interesting places that are normally off-limits.  Since 2003, a weekend in October has been packed full of "open houses" with free tours, lectures, talks, programs with some that are kid-friendly. The "open houses" include buildings, interiors and spaces landmarked or significant for their design, engineering, historical or cultural history.  Many are noted for a combination of merits.  New venues become accessible each year.  This year, Google's Chelsea headquarters and LaGuardia Airport's Marine Air Terminal are among first time entries.  

William Delano's 1939 Marine Air Terminal, LaGuardia Airport, New York
Photo:  Picsant Web site
Copyright © PicsAnt 2015

The weekend was started by Open House New York, a not-for-profit organization founded in 2001 to promote awareness of the built environment. The organization is part of Open House Worldwide, an international network of open house events occurring in 30 cities around the globe.  For those who like to look at buildings and explore their surroundings, these weekends are made for them.  Keep in mind, museum or gallery architecture exhibits may be excellent but models, photographs and plans simply can not substitute for the real experience of walking through a space.

View of original studio of Edward Hopper (1882 - 1967)*,
3 Washington Square North,
New York University campus, 
OHNY weekend 2013, 
Photo:  Garret Ziegler, Flickr Web site Sunday, October 13, 2013

Here in New York, there will be enough on view to satisfy anyone's interests.  Past weekends have included some 300 sites citywide.  Thus, viewers will have to scurry to see all that they want.  Sign-up for the OHNY Weekend mailing list for e-mail updates.  Don't forget to go to OHNY Event Guide page to download your OHNY Weekend Event Guide available on October 6.

Biddle House (c. 1845 -1850), Conference House Park
Tottenville, Staten Island
OHNY Weekend 2014
Photo:  Courtesy of Frank Gesser, SILive Web site October 8, 2014

OHNY New York Weekend is just one of the highlights of Archtober, a month-long festival showcasing architecture and design.  In its fifth year, the festival's popular talks and lectures get booked up quickly. Check out the Archtober Calendar soon.  Please note, unlike OHNY New York Weekend,  numerous Archtober's events require a pre-registration and a fee.   

National Design Week at New York's Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, October 10 - 18, is another of the month's high points. This, the museum's biggest educational effort, comprises free public programs, a family festival, a teen design fair and online projects.  

Plan your October now.

October 17 - 18, 2015

and Design Month
New York City
October 2015

October 10 - 18, 2015

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